It Never Rains it Paws



The Blurb-

Her brother likes chasing myths and legends. Now she has to chase him, before his obsession gets him killed.
When Lydia’s brother goes missing in the rainforest, she knows she has to find him, and fast. But as soon as she mentions the area, no tracker or hunter will talk to her. If anything, she’d say they were terrified. Something is wrong, her brother is in danger but she won’t stand a chance on her own. Desperate, she hires two agents from the Twilight intelligence agency to take her into an area of the rainforest even the locals avoid.
Drake loves his job and when he finds out that the new client is an old friend of the boss’ he jumps at the chance to take on the rainforest.
What he doesn’t plan on is falling for the client which makes things a lot harder for him, in more ways than one.
But things go south quickly when they meet some not so friendly mermaids, and a local tribe who are just as bad. Will things ever go right for them? And can they find love in one of the deadliest places there is?

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