Torched (Dark Kings #13)



The King of Silvers. Cunning, perceptive, resourceful. Determined. Banished from Dreagan eons ago because of a betrayal that shattered his entire existence, his sole focus in life is to exact revenge against the Dragon Kings. A formidable fighter with centuries of rage on his side, Ulrik will stop at nothing to take down those who exiled him.

He has been alone, trusting no one for thousands of years. Until she walks into his life. He should not yearn for her, but there is no stopping the fiercely burning attraction. When he’s with her, he isn’t thinking of war or revenge. He only thinks about her, craves her. Burns for her. But soon he will be forced to choose: Will he continue on his course of destruction or will he be able to set aside his vengeance to save the woman who risked everything for him.



The Blurb- (1)


The 13th book of the series…

It is the most powerful redemption book that I have ever read that Ms. Grant have written. After Phelan and Aisley’s story, I thought that was the best redemption..since Aisley was a focal point, then it was Dale. But I was wrong.

The King of Silvers, Ulrik, topped all of them.

It was a heartbreaking journey. From book one, up to this book. The tears I have shed each time his past was shown with the previous books, I wanted to get the the whole story…however, reading parts of it, and reading the whole thing from his POV hurts more.

The emotions, both past, present, and the future are combined to in this book. It is hard to form words when you can feel the tears falling down on your cheeks. There is too much emotions in the book that you would like to be in it, just to ease the pain of the people I am reading.

A book like no other, Ulrik’s story takes us in a whirlwind of emotions. Each page is full of doubt, betrayal, revenge, a thirst of power…but most importantly, it teaches us that love does heal. All you have to do is accept, to forgive, and to realize that each person has a different way to protect the people around them.

Brava, Ms. Grant! This is one amazing book, and I cannot wait to read the others.

~photo-credits I got the photo in the spoiler room of FB


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