Eternal Brothers (Dalakis Passion Book 4)

~ARC given by the publisher Via NetGalley~

The 4th book of the series, the book centers around Zane and Sophia. As much that I like to hate him, he has some good qualities that I like about him. Being the cousin of the Dalakis was one of the shocking things that kept me reading the book.

His connection to the brothers and the way he love his mate was something else too. For the possessive way he handled things to the way he smooth things out. It was a just…I am actually lost for words.

The action on the book was something else too. Seeing the Dalakis clan in action was something to be feared, and to be amazed on.

All in all, I like this one better than book three. There was something lacking on the 3rd book that this gave me the satisfaction that i liked.

As for the 5th book. Well see.