Highland Flame (Highland Weddings, #4)

Highland Flame (Highland Weddings, #4) 
by Mary Wine

I like the way this book was written. It was not too much that is was over powering, but it has this sense that there is a certain theme into it.

It did not dwell too much with the way the sexual tension was building, but more on the trust one person must give to each other. Jane is English, and Diocail is a Scottish Highlander. And yet, some of his clansmen do not care where she came from.

In every book Mary Wine wrote, you can see how each individual is given a situation where it seems uncomfortable during those times. I admire how each characters are given such life. If the next book will be about, Brenda, I would really be glad. I look forward to the next book in the series. ~ If there is one.

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