Stone Cold Fox (Cougarville #3)

~ARC was given by the publisher via NetGalley.~

This is the 3rd book of the series. The story actually starts at the end of Cougar Bait.

The transition of each book is really good. Smooth and you do not have to look at the previous books for guidance.

I must say, I love Reese , he may be a big man, but his heart is pure and I love the way he treats Jo.

I can’t fault Jo with her reasons. After all, what happened to her was beyond and it truly hurts a person. Her personality is great too. However, gaining trust is never easy. Yet, as the book goes from chapter to chapter you can’t help but feel to trust a man like Reese.

As for Reese, how can one not fall in love with his kind of kindness, and patience? I half wished that my man was like him, even for a bit. He was this gentle charm, deadly, but sweet…in his tiny form.

The mystery and the action of the book is also quite good. The problem is slowly being introduce in the series. Which is actually pretty nice. Readers needs to kept on their seat as the read this series. Which alpha will have his mate? And who are the people behind the massive killings?

The series it self is good, from the lore to the way it end, up to the opening of the next book. There is a continuity that is actually good for those who reads series.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.


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