SEAL Defender (Brothers in Arms #1)

SEAL Defender





SEAL Defender by Leslie North

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

~ARC from NetGalley.~

This is a new series from Ms. North. Three ex-SEALs that are faced with difficult regarding the deaths of some former SEALs.

Book one is really nice. I mean, I am having a hard time making this review, because my thought would be offensive to some, I would rather stay silent than, have people criticize me due to my thoughts.

The reality of the situation is true, not just in this book but also from across the world. Racism is a kind of mentality that some people cannot accept. From religion, to nationality, and it irritates me that other are judge because of what they are and they choices they made…

This book, I can say wow. I wanted to hit Mark a couple time during the course of the book. I mean come on! Geneva? I like her. I mean she is the kind of reporter that I want my younger sister to be, She has this backbone and the way she tried to look for the reasons…she wants people to be aware. However, she never imagine that she would be in the middle of things…and she would fall in love.

I love their compound. I mean from the way it was described I would to attend one of their classes.

All in all, the series opens up to some things that we generally know. It is actually hard to be in the situation of these ex- SEALs, and the other branches of the government that protects the civilians. Having the right kind help would go a long way. No matter what country we live, being part of the defense system is never easy.

I look forward in reading the next book in the series.

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