My Sugar Daddy

My Sugar Daddy: Book One in the Sugar Daddies Series
My Sugar Daddy: Book One in the Sugar Daddies Series by Trinity Blacio

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

~ARC via NetGalley.~

So, this is the first time I have read her book. I must say, there is one twist after another. And i do not believe that I did not see those coming.

The first few chapter made me think of the KGI series of Ms. Maya Banks. I love that series, and with the same mind set, I truly enjoyed those thoughts of mine as I continue to read. However,  as I continue to read, the I can see how this book is different. Yes, it is a family operated firm, but it goes beyond it.

The coupling? it was such wow! I was already expecting a triad, since I am not a newbie with the world of ménage, this I was not expecting what I read.

The combination of family love and some very very nefarious people experimenting with alien DNA really gave this book a boost for me. The twist just keep mounting up. Let me tell you, I really enjoyed this up to the very end.

This is not your ordinary military romance. The mere fact the Wilmot family rescued the people that were experimented on the book was something. For some, my words will be a bit shallow, but the overall plot is really good. I look forward in reading the rest of this series.

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