Firestorm (Dark Kings, #10)






Firestorm by Donna Grant

~ARC was given by the publisher, made available via NetGalley.~

~In every action, there is always a consequence that would affect the people around you…~

Those were the thoughts that entered my mind as I read the book. As much as I like to focus on the story of Faith and Dimitri, I find myself analyzing the book with the rest of the happenings on the previous books. Don’t get me wrong, I love their story. However, I cannot really focus on them due to the “Domino Effect” that the characters have done on the other books in the series.

From Con’s association to the Light Fae Queen~ I will not say her name! I hate her!~to Rhi, involvement with his brother’s friend ~ I can’t remember the spelling of the name!~, to Ulric’s ability to become a dragon once again, and finally, the Reapers. There are too many fractions in the series, that you really have to pay attention to what is happening.

Each turn of the page, takes you back on what they have done, and the result of the said action. It was really nice, because my thoughts on the matter did come to a fruition. And now I wonder, if the Silvers, started to rise, what will the other Kings do?

Faith and Dimitri’s meeting opened up another type of foe. And as far as I am concern, they have too many. With their limited allies, there should be an equalizer. Since I am a reader, I will have to wait what Ms. Grant will do.

I love the series. The complication just keeps adding up. I do hope that at the end of this wonderful series, there will be brains. ~ At least on one of the books~ Again, wishful thinking~

~Photo credits from Donna  Grants Groupies


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