Saved by Darkness (Darkness #6)

Saved by Darkness
Saved by Darkness by Katie Reus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

~ARC was made available via NetGalley.~

~When you love some so much, there are times that letting go, is the only way to save them from harm. It might shatter your heart in a million pieces, but knowing that the person you love most is safe its enough.~

This was the first thoughts that came to my head after finishing this book. It had such a powerful effect that it made me realize how much sacrifice Fiona did just to protect Ian. The love she had for him was the best kind of love.

Ian, on the other hand…just wow. There are no words, just pure emotions as I recall, how powerful his lines were as i read the book. It made me wish that my husband have the same personality as him.

The last leg of the book was something I do not want to read again. I thought she was really going to die! It was one of those moments that I had to stop reading. I was in a public transportation while I was reading that part. People were like looking at me. I wanted to shout at the sky for the injustice. Then the plot twist, it was like *boom*.

In the world of Ms. Katie Reus Darkness Series, the word “Forever” is possible.

If your love is strong enough, then all you need to do is believe in each other and everything will fall into their places.

As the book comes to an end, there are several people that came into light, another brother.

I do look forward for the next book in the series.

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