Wild by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As I have previously read the first anthology of Eve Langlais Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur, entitled Growl, my question with their book was answered.

“Will there book succeeding books in line with those tittles or are they standalone?”

Here are my insights:

Catch a Tiger by the Tail

Is the continuation of the book Legal Wolf’s Mate , the end of the book is the start of this one. I really like the way this was written. A suave tiger and a woman that has tons of reservations, but in the end, everything worked just fine. I liked Brody. And to the fact that he is somehow kinda wacky in my opinion does not change the fact that his HEA is much more crazier than Gavin. Then again, their boos might be the one who put the him and his mate together, abet in a wrong situation. IT worked.

Wild Passions,we go back to the mountain resort, and this time, we have a bachelorette getaway. From the previous book, we know that some of the wolves in the story have mates, this time, almost all of them were able to be “pair up” with the one they are destined for. I love the side story though. It was something I was not expecting and I am happy that most of are mated.

Her Perfect Mates, we have another triad story. This time, I was not really expecting it. but the outcome is just the same. I had to read the other story just to remember who is who. But I really like how this was written. The flow and the way the previous characters were included in the over story was really good.

All in all, I cannot wait for the next book of these three. The way the flow of each story was written was beautifully woven. As a reader, you revisit the world of the last characters in the last book without permeable. And each of story you look forward to.

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Legal Wolf’s Mate

Legal Wolf's Mate
Legal Wolf’s Mate by Eve Langlais

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was given as an ARC from the publisher.

This was actually a part of an Anthology of Eve Langlais Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur.
It was pretty much of the same content but, reading it again brings back the humor the first time I read it.

I so love Gavin, and remembering how obnoxious he was brought the memories back. He wasn’t gullible, nor he was stupid, but, he is just in love and lawyer makes things a little bit dicey. I remember him being charming and demanding and how pissed he was. But mot off all, I remember the realization that he was able to find the “One” for him.

Meg? Oh I love her personality. An assassin that was set up for murder? Simply funny, and her I thought being a hired gun was great. But her? It was something altogether funny. I can understand her frustration, and also her anger. But mostly, I understood why she was reluctant to accept Gavin as her mate. A big shot lawyer has a an assassin for a mate? Fate really has a twisted sense of humor.

In the end, everything went well. What can I say? Mates, will always and will be mates. It’s up to the person if it will be accepted or not. In this story, all as well that end’s well…

However… Brody may seem to be in a pinch…

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King’s Wrath (Shifter Fight League Book 5)

King's Wrath (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance)
King’s Wrath (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) by Mina Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay… I was given an ARC for an honest review that was from the author.

I love the 4th book of the series, and i honestly thought that it would be the last. I was quite surprise that there was 5th book. My thoughts? It was a cliff hanger for me.

I love the ending of the fourth book. There was a certain closure that lacked in this one. But doesn’t mean that it is not good. I was hoping for something more.

I love Logan though, and i understand what Zara felt. It’s not easy being her, and being pregnant makes things worst. Then again, the way Logan makes up for everything is something. I thought Gabbi was going to be a problem, but she was actually really nice. The same with Ky. I am hopping that Ky will have his own HEA. But that is the wishful thinking on my part.

As i close this review window, regardless on how the ending of this book was made. I still love reading about Logan and Zara.

Hence, four stars.

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Hero in the Highlands (No Ordinary Hero, #1)

Hero in the Highlands
Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to thank NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the chance to read a book from this author.

I was somehow bored when I first opened this book. It was war time and I was actually thinking that this is all about it. However, as I came to the last part of the prologue imagine my surprise when the news was delivered.

I like how the story was developed. I like how the hero and the heroine tried to do what is right for the people living in a cursed place. But moreover, I like how one man who is used to war change because he loved.

Don’t get me wrong, it might look like a normal occurrence to some, but the underlying fact that a solider will always be a solider is somehow lost in this book. Gabriel wanted to change and that he did.
I was actually wondering why it was like that, but as I read the overall of the book, I realize that the main concern of the book was more on how a man, who is used to have the simplest things turned out to be a Duke and suddenly, he has almost everything money could buy. I was expecting something dramatic, but I got a simple man, with a simple needs. And a woman determined to help her clansman.

The romance in the book was simple and it did not need too much attention, well for me that is. I more focus on the physiology of each of them rather than the budding romance. Yes, it is a historical romance, but being able to separate each of the elements in the book is good too.

Over all, the effect was good, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
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