Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome, #2)

Shadow Falling
Shadow Falling by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book of the Scorpius Syndrome series. I would like to thank NetGalley , Kensington Books and Zebra for allowing me to read such a great book.

If your follow the series, at the end of book one we are presented by the rescue of Vinnie. I will not go into details so that you lot will read book one. But if you love Jax…You will also love Raze, and when they are together ~ include Tace in the picture~ you have hot men that are very very over protective.

I love how the book was written. There were parts wherein we are given how the previous characters are faring. By doing so, we are given how each couple interacts and how they adopt to the new development that is happening around them.

I love the general idea of the book. There is a certain appeal on how the virus reacts to the human brain. Being a science teacher, I was quite fascinated on how this was written. The research Ms. Zanetti did on the plot was really good. I had a hard time understanding some of them, but the general idea was there. Once you are infected, it either you become a mindless creature, or you become something more dangerous. Or in the case of Jax and Raze, you become a hero.

We cannot really say what will happen to the main characters of the series. So far, they behave normally but with an added bonus to their physical and intellectual personalities. I would like to see how Tace be on the next book. As much as I like to add what is on the last chapters of the book, sorry, you need to read it to realize why I feel as if there will be another book after Tace . . . I hope. . .
Good job Ms. Zanetti! I

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