Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome, #2)

Shadow Falling
Shadow Falling by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book of the Scorpius Syndrome series. I would like to thank NetGalley , Kensington Books and Zebra for allowing me to read such a great book.

If your follow the series, at the end of book one we are presented by the rescue of Vinnie. I will not go into details so that you lot will read book one. But if you love Jax…You will also love Raze, and when they are together ~ include Tace in the picture~ you have hot men that are very very over protective.

I love how the book was written. There were parts wherein we are given how the previous characters are faring. By doing so, we are given how each couple interacts and how they adopt to the new development that is happening around them.

I love the general idea of the book. There is a certain appeal on how the virus reacts to the human brain. Being a science teacher, I was quite fascinated on how this was written. The research Ms. Zanetti did on the plot was really good. I had a hard time understanding some of them, but the general idea was there. Once you are infected, it either you become a mindless creature, or you become something more dangerous. Or in the case of Jax and Raze, you become a hero.

We cannot really say what will happen to the main characters of the series. So far, they behave normally but with an added bonus to their physical and intellectual personalities. I would like to see how Tace be on the next book. As much as I like to add what is on the last chapters of the book, sorry, you need to read it to realize why I feel as if there will be another book after Tace . . . I hope. . .
Good job Ms. Zanetti! I

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Forsaken (Battle Born, #2)

Forsaken by Cyndi Friberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After like forever! ~not really just a long reading time~ i was able to finish it.

I like how this was written. Kotto is something that i began hoping to real man. and the way the whole book was written was really good. Chandar? I wanted to cry. It was too much and seeing her brother cry, is was heartbreaking.

I would love to see what will happen to Zilor…the youngest of the Nox brothers…I’m sure it will be one great book.

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The Only Exception: An Incubus Rising Novella – Book Three

The Only Exception: An Incubus Rising Novella - Book Three
The Only Exception: An Incubus Rising Novella – Book Three by Jennifer Mancini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 3 of the incubus rising series. I was not able to read the second book, but this was really different from the first one.

I liked how this ended. There was a definite ending and the couple was into each other. Yes, the conflict was there, but they found a way around each other.

I was kind dreading the ending because, I was disappointed with the book one, but here, I was a really different thing. The adult scenes, they were really hot and the moments they have with each other was sweet too. I love how the characters were developed too.

There is not much to say, but I do enjoyed reading it. It opened another myth in a different light which was good. I gave it four stars.

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Forbidden Fling (Wildwood, #1)

Forbidden Fling
Forbidden Fling by Skye Jordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to thank NetGalley for permitting me read this book Also, for Montlake Romance for a chance to read this series.

How do I start?

Truthfully, I tried to read this book like, 5 times before I fully sank down and complete it. It’s not that I was a boring book. But the opening was somewhat slow for me. The first three or four chapters dis not grab my attention. Unlike her Renegade series, this was really a really different ball game.

By the 7th chapter, that is when I started to like to like it. Again, unlike her Renegades, it lacks something that I was used to her writing. By the 10 chapter that was when I really can’t put the book down. The boom I was looking for was there. The way Delaney slowly realized her own feeling for Ethan.

The character development for me was a bit slow? I can’t really saw. Because at the end, everything was perfectly aligned. Although, I was hoping for a better ending but it worked for them.
The problems, what can I say? I wanted to tear the faces of Ethan’s father and the rest of the people who can’t let go of the past. Then again it, was the whole point of the book. But man. Just man.

It might took me like two weeks to read this book, but I liked it and hoping of the next book.

This is a 3.5 book for me.
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The King Takes A Mate (Shifter Fight League 4)

The King Takes A Mate
The King Takes A Mate by Mina Carter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 4th book of the Shifter Fight League. The verdict? It was as really good ending!

The flow of the story is really good. From a very explosive start to a very sweet and hot ending. It was a really good closing and it left me hoping for more from this series. It was so darn beautiful that the simplicity was the key for the readers to like this book. Ms. Carter is another of those To-Go- authors for me because her book are light, erotic and they are the kind of books that I crave after reading a very long series and I find myself not satisfied with the result of my reading.

In this series, it was a really intense. I mean WOW! The adult scenes was really good and I was fanning my face. But as I read the way the characters thought of each other there was a definite swoon factor for me. I find myself saying “Oh My heart be still.” The Lines are simple but the meanings behind them are the best.

I will not go into deep with this book. For me it was one good book!

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Taking Jana (Paradise South, #2)

Taking Jana
Taking Jana by Rissa Brahm

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this. and the Publisher. i’m sorry if i can’t name you, using my phone to do this review.

I actually tried to finished this book, like two weeks ago. But I got distracted with the rest of the book series that i was reading this month. Then last night, I got the hankering of hoping to see the ending of it. And it was a lot better ending than book one. No offence, but I really liked how this was made. The Built up, the way it was phased, the storyline, and even the dynamics of the Korean family is there. well, the bad Korean stereotypes that is.

I love Tony in book one, but here? he is just *swoons* there are no words for it. No words. Unlike the men in the books that I read, he was just there. There was no need to fully assert his personality, because my perception of him is ~just like Ms. Rissa describe him ~ a guardian angel ~ and he was the best kind.

Jana? Oh my heart got broken every time she visits the hospital and she got that treatment from her parents. And I know the feeling. It was so, so, heartbreaking. The emotions that a person can feel when reading her part was so intense. But at the end? The smile? The happiness? It was priceless.

Once again, a book worth your time. it might be a slow read, but it is worth it.

And thank you Ms. Rissa, because you made another dynamic book to read.

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Dark Promises (Dark, #29)

Dark Promises
Dark Promises by Christine Feehan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 29th book of the Dark series.

So far, it is the Ancients turn to look for their Lifemates, and boy! They way this book was written was so steamy!

Yes, majority of the scenes are purely adult stuff. Unlike her previous books in this series. Not sure of the chapter, but I was around 14% into my reading of the book when the first sex scene started. Yup it was a bit dark, but we have to remember where Aleksei came from and from the way it all started, yup it does look like a betrayal. Hence the need to dominate.

The book was really good. As I read along, there were times that I would like to hit Gabrielle because of her ignorance. I mean she has been a Carpathian and yet she was unsure of the ways of Carpathian people and it was really a piss off for me. As for Gary? I cried. I really cried when the colors started to fade, and cried when it was said the all of his emotions were gone. It was so painful. I always liked him. He was always been with Gregori and he became one of the most important people when I come to the Carpathian people.

The totally unexpected was Trixie and Fane. I mean, I read about Fane like from Andre’s book?
~Sorry! Read too many books! But I as I was saying, It so unexpected that their plot was so endearing too! I love how Fane devotes everything to Trixie, and how reassure her that she is the only woman for him. It was so romantic! Yes, I noted that Trixie is 60 years old! But it does not sound perverted in this book. I was wonderfully constructed. I was actually thinking if trace of old age will eventually fade out, now that she is a Carpathian, I guess I have to read the rest of the upcoming books to find out.

All in all, it was a good book. The adult scenes were a bit too much but, somehow, it was appropriate for the kind of situation those Ancients. After a long time fighting their inner demons, finding their life mates makes them too horny.


I will rate it 4.5 due to the fact that two Carpathian were able to find their lifemates.

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Tempting Isabel (Paradise South, #1)

Tempting Isabel
Tempting Isabel by Rissa Brahm

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How to start? I was supposed to write a review for this book like weeks ago. But books got to me and I totally forgot about it. Until I got an email remanding me that I have a book at that I have a book that I need to review. So, I read it using Readium. And after a day, I finally finished with this book.

Honestly, it was a mixed feeling when I was reading the book. The narration was a bit confusing. And I had to re-read some of them back to fully understands whose thought I was reading. But as I progress, I fell in love the plot of the book.

Isabel, as far as she knows has a long line of bad luck since she was small. And it caused her to protect her heart and the people around her from getting hurt. I honestly do not believe that she was cursed, but I was crying on the part on her memories Sebastian. It was such a painful moment that I cried when I was reading that part.

Zack? He had the opposite for her curse. He had infinite luck but as he said, there was a hollow felling inside him. After what happen to him in the past, who can blame him? But I love how he persisted when it comes to his feeling for Isabel.

I love the way their thoughts and their lines were delivered. Even the conflict within the story and how it was resolved had a good ending. I was just so sad about Isa losing her best friend.

The last chapters? I was about to lose my mind! I was like “Oh, NO!” then when I read the rest of it I was so effing crying! It was too much!

The ending? It was good, but I was kinda hopping for more. Then again, the revelation was so unexpected that it made me cry again.

The plot was good the characters are also good and so it the conflict. Somehow, I felt that I needed something more at the last part of the book.

Anyway, Good read! I gave 4 stars!

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Buried and Shadowed (Branded Packs, #3)

Buried and Shadowed
Buried and Shadowed by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book of the Branded series of two of my favorite author. And I must say, things are starting to heat up!

Buried ~ is one good story. The way the three people in the book did their best to ignore one another left a sour taste in my mouth though. Pack dynamics and such, I still did not like that it took a one of the, to get hurt before they got their s*** together. I understand where each of them is coming from, but the way they tried to avoid the elephant in the room was a bit too much for me. I do love, how they were able to be with each other. But still… The ending was really good though. I am hoping for more mating that will happen now that the doors of the compound are open.

Shadowed ~ I love this one. Sinclair is one of the reasons why I like the series. The way he was introduced was something and I was so happy that he finally got his HEA. And man oh man! Mira is the perfect mate for him. I love Mira’s personality! I mean wow!! There are no words that I can use to describe how much their story was written.

Over all, it was a really wonderful story to read. The continuity from book one to the newest book is there, and I liked that finally the truth is finally out. I can still feel my anger when I read book one. How the children were branded because they are different. It hurts so much.

The question is…now that the truth is out . . how will the people react? I hope that the next book ~ if there will be one ~ will show us how humans will treat the shifters that saved their lives.

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Dangerous Protector (Red Stone Security, #14)

Dangerous Protector
Dangerous Protector by Katie Reus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to thank NetGalley and KR Press, LLC for making it possible for me to read the newest book in the Red Stone Security series.

Once again, Ms. Reus wrote a book that is full of action and love that it is truly addicting!
I love how Aaron interacted with his son, and how he handled what happened after what happened to his wife. I can see where he is coming from. But his attraction to Tegan was something he was not expecting since he got hurt. And I truly love how this was written!

Tegan. I love her character she is strong but soft at the same time. I love how she rescued Kali and you can really see how much the dog means to her.

The main plot was good, but there are times that I wanted to hit someone due to it. I mean there were this ~”really?!” moments for me. But I love how everything worked out for them.

If there is book 15, I will definitely read it!

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