Vega Brothers: Julius (The Bear Shifters of Vega Ranch #1)

Vega Brothers: Julius
Vega Brothers: Julius by Kim Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, this is one good start of a really good series. We are given four brothers that needed to get married win in the to keep their family ranch. But the problem is…they have a bad rep when it comes to mates.

The first book is hilarious. The lines are great and the way it was delivered was also good. The personality of the brothers were also good. They each had a hand on the way the book was told.

I love how Ava and Julius feel in love. A very typical shiter romance but with the conflict being so simple yet as you read this book it seems very complicated. In the end, it worked beautifully.

It was a very quick read, but it does not mean that it is not great. For someone like me who usually devours books, i was really happy that i came upon this book. Looking forward to the next book in line!

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Strong Silent SEAL (SEALs of Coronado Book 2)

Strong Silent SEAL
Strong Silent SEAL by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So… I would like to thank Ms. Paige’s editor for the chance to read this advance ARC of the book. Yes. My review is a bit late…handling too many online English test class would do that to you…

Anyway . . .

The second book of the series is about Logan. And the way it stared pretty much like any other SEAL story that I read. A mission. However, this mission is connected to the events that will lead our hero to find the person that he is to share his life with.


Let me tell you, being in Felicia’s shoes is was a bit hard and the opening on how they met was as dangerous as the first part of the book. But once you get pass it, the way it was written was really nice. I like how each of the Team responded to each other and how the women console Felicia. They consider her as part of the family and it was something that was really heat warming.

With the part of the sister, I was pissed. Truly pissed, okay so something bad happen but at least have the courtesy to tell the person that cared about what is truly happening. I hated that part of the book but it was a necessity.

The ending was good, but I felt that there should be more. Then again, book three will be out so, it’s okay.

Love this series! Thank you for writing it! Looking forward to book 3!

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MacLean’s Passion (Highland Pride #2)

MacLean's Passion
MacLean’s Passion by Sharon Cullen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher of this book to read what happen after the events of book one.

If I loved Colin on book one, then be prepared to love him more now that he had his very own HEA!
As the end of book one, we are presented that Colin is in the hand of the English. However, who would have thought that the person he is destined with would be sharing a cell and is more like him only on a different gender.

The way the two main characters are presented shows that the author is doing all her best to stick to the time line, and keeping up to the events of the past book. I love how it all blended well. From the way Colin’s cellmates true identity or rather true gender was revealed, to the way Maggie’s character was shown. And how Colin started to slowly fall in love with Maggie. It was such a wondrous process that there were times that I wanted to laugh at certain parts of the book. The debate is out if Campbell is one of the good guys or he is just playing it safe. But as I read on how he was acting, he has something to prove and I hope that all will be revealed on his book.

I do not want to go to such lengths to describe how lovely this book is, but I can guarantee that reading the Highland Pride series will give you a feeling good about these hunky Scots!

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Kidnapped Cowboy (Captured Hearts, #1)

Kidnapped Cowboy
Kidnapped Cowboy by Lindsey Brookes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just finished this book today on the way to work. It was really good one.

The plot was simple and the characters were truly captivating. Even the other people in the book had an interesting way of giving life to the book. I love how the opening and the ending came to be. The bed scenes is just right especially in this kind of plot. I was not overly sexy but the right amount of heat that will make it in to a very good romance book. Looking forward to book two.

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Her Foreign Affair

Her Foreign Affair
Her Foreign Affair by Shea McMaster

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was given mailed tome for an exchange of a honest review.

To start off. I thought that the setting would be around the 21st century, imagine my surprise that it was actually like the 1900s! But the time line did not stop me from liking this book.

The plot is just like any other plot when it comes to people failing in love with someone they thought would love them with the same passion as they love that person. In this case, both parties felt the same but Court. . . well, family is family and he did what he had to do.

I love how they met each other again. I was actually hopping that the kid kinda know that they were siblings but even they did not know of it. I felt sad and I cried on some parts of this book. The romance, the passion between the two of them is still there and when Court tried his best to search for Randi, it was the clinch that made want to continue reading this book.

As for Randi, she was hurt, and finding out about her pregnancy, then seeing the man that she love got another woman pregnant was a bit too much. You can never blame her on the actions that happened. Her reservations and her insecurities all of those are the product of the hurt that came from one man. Then after years, he shows up on your door step, together with his son, as a date of her daughter, how bizarre that is.

The overall effect is really good, the problems are presented in small dosage that will not over load the reader’s attention. I find it amusing how both Courtney and Drew bonded so easily. The ending? It was the perfect way to finish a very lovely book. I hope to read more.
Thank you for the chance.

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Beauty and the Highland Beast (A Highland Fairy Tale, #1)

Beauty and the Highland Beast
Beauty and the Highland Beast by Lecia Cornwall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Titi Oluwo , emailed me a link for this book so I can access it at NetGalley. So, I would like to thank the publisher and the person who gave me the link for this book.

In all honesty, this book has a wonderful story, or theme, alas, sometimes they are not enough to really stick into the overall appeal of the book.

The fairy tale concept is there but, the way it was presented a bit dull of me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scottish stories. There is just something about a man in kilt that makes them irresistible whether they are scared or not. But in this story, I felt like the Dair still needs to grow more.

The tragedy that made him look as he was, broke my heart. Even when the people in the book were calling him mad, he is still the man that he was, albeit broken. His progress from a broken man to the man at the end of the book was nice. But felt that he could be more. That he should be the man he was before the tragedy. Yes, the scars would never fade, but it should made him a stronger and strive to live. However, for me his strive to live is a bit shallowed for me. I love the boat scene, but I was expecting more of those things…

Fia? Oh I love her! The way she was created was the perfect counterpart for ma n like Dair. She is scared but her beauty is shown within. This is one of the reasons why I liked this book…the next one? Her cat! As a cat person myself, I love how Bel interacts with the rest of the book characters.

The other plot was a bit force, although it is common to have a subplot like that due to the significant of the situation. But it was too force…

The ending? Love it.

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Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue, #1)

Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to thank SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and Katie Ruggle, for a chance to read this book. Also for NetGalley for making it possible.

When i read On His Watch (Search and Rescue, #0.5) . I like how Lou was introduced in the series, Also Callum, but as i read the book, i was laughing and being giddy the entire time.

Callum was such a no-nonsense guy, but man….I was not expecting him to have a very good character! The way he was shown in On His Watch complete blew me! I was loosing my head each time he would say something, and he was either sweet or just being his OCD self.

There are no words on how i can really explain how i feel about this book. The level of action was really intense, and the way they were pilled at the near of the end of the book was just right, Even the twist of the book was really unexpected for me.

I love how the Lou and Callum said “I love you”.. It was such a normal even, that it caught me of ground when they said it to each other.

However, i would love to fins out what will happen to the next book. Will Ian be subjected to some criminal activity or will it be worst? What ever happens, i know that the whole Search and Rescue team will be there for him.

Great book! Great author!

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