Dragon Fall (Masters of the Flame, #3)

Dragon Fall
Dragon Fall by Elsa Jade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really nice series. From the start up to the end.

I love how each of the three friends were able to have their own HEA and with Bale? He got the most romantic story of all.

From the start of book one, i was thinking what he really looked like. He was said to be affected by a disease that turned them to stone. But i read along, his left wing was frozen, so is the rest of his upper body. But it did not lessen the dragon king he is.

Esmee, trying so hard to fit look for a place where she can fit in. With her two friends she was able to have a glimpse of the real world she lived in. But then Lars happen. Oh, i love who she played him in the end. Her revenge, the heartless way she killed him. It was such a fitting end for a man like him.

The entire series was such an easy read, and the way it was written was so nice. The lines between Torch and Bales were hilarious at times. And the conversations between the two brothers were heart warming at times. But the best lines? Those are the one, when each dragon pledged their love to their true mates.

I give this 4.5 stars.

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