Wolf Trouble (SWAT, #2)

Wolf Trouble
Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Okay…So, after my hype on book one…I still carry it up to the the second book. But this time…XANDER!!!

Yeah, I love his name! Sound so sexy…And i also like how he was personalized. I mean ~okay i am totally lost for words so i can’t really explain how much I like him. I wanted to read his book over and over again. There was just something about him that piques my interest.

Khaki? oh i love her too. The way she was change was something and it was truly horrific. If she was a mere human, she would have died. Brave and feminine, one of the most best combination when it comes to being part of a pack that is full of alpha wolves. The way she tried her best to blend and how hard she suppress her attraction to Xander was a win on my book.

I love how all the action was at the ending of the book. It gives us enough time to prepare for the worst of the blunt. Each of the action scenes are so nail biting that there are times that i wanted to shout at the character.

Each ending was so beautifully made that it really make you anticipate the next book.

If you want a shifter story that has lore that differs from others, SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team should be your series.

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