Reckless River (Men of Mercy #3)

Reckless River
Reckless River by Lindsay Cross

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book was a love/hate read for me. There were times that i would cry for the injustice but more often, I was pissed on how Jared treated Sparrow.

Jared’s anger is justified, but not the way he treated Sparrow. He was hot them cold the next. I was seriously wanting to go inside the book and smack his head! Such a frustrating man!!! So he feels guilty he wants revenge, but heck! He’s was treating the woman who helped him and his brother escape the very mountain they were suppose to die! I mean WTF?! The latter part of the book was okay, or it made me feel better. I don’t care who pulled the head shot but it was a thing of beauty. Yup, it was beautifully executed, what can i say? A little blood and head shot is better than having a blood shed.

Sparrow? I love her. I was crying for her. The pain, her thoughts, it felt like i was being torn apart. That was the best part in the book. And all hope was gone, even how each time she felt Jared trusted her, but it was yank back…

There are no words that could express how i love this book. This might even be one of my Go-To-Books…However…I wonder…will Merc have his own HEA? I mean…i like how he is presented to the audience, i can not wait to read what kind of woman will make the mighty fall…

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