A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing (Heart of the Wolf, #9)

As the 9th book of the series, I was really happy on how this was written. Unlike the other books in this series, there was a definite source if problem.

The opening of the book will make you wonder why was Finn doing it. But as that chapter progress to the next, you will see why. I like how Finn process his thoughts; then in the end he just did what he felt right. Also the way he dealt with Hunter was good. Then again, from the way Hunter’s reaction… I was not surprised.

Meara, on the other hand,  I truly expected her actions. And yet, her questions were the one’s I never anticipated… A vacuum… Knows how to vacuum.. Man! The way the story was centered on her was something else too.

All in all, the amount of romance, adventure, drama and action was just right. As for my rating? I gave this one…3.5.


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