Her Wild Hero (X-Ops, #3)

Her Wild Hero

Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For the first time in forever, he wanted to put his fist through a wall.

~Yes that is not a sweet quote, but it kinda sums up what Declan was really feeling.

The first Declan was introduced in the series, he kinda stuck on my mind. He was so shy and he keeps on stuttering because he was talking to someone he like. For me it was kinds sweet and romantic! But when I read that he had tried asking Kendra, more times anyone could count, I was pissed at her. Then I read the rest of the books. Between book one and two, you can really blame her. She was just to focused on Clayne , he was her ideal man, after all.

By the time this book was plotted, Declan was trying so hard to really forget ‘bout Kendra. And as far as I can see, it’s not really working. Especially on what was happening during the training exercise.

I really wanted to be mad at Kendra, but her sweetness, and the way she handled herself during the crisis was extra ordinary for a pencil pusher ~ pardon me for the word. I was awed by her skill; she was like the ideal personality for me.

The book was filled with action. Given the situation they were put upon, it was a bit to brutal for them. The number of hybrids they had to kill, it was too much even for a seasoned fighter. It was really frustrating that they had to dispense a lot of ammo per hybrids, talk ‘bout to tough to kill. I was kind wondering if a head shot would work. But most of the action that kept on happening in the series was in close combat. Then again, I might have missed a scene.

The ending? I nearly cried, they were about to rape that poor girl, and she was doing her best to hold onto her courage. The brutality on how humans treat the things that they created was not lost on me. I wanted to tear those two scientist limb from limb. ~yup I am being violent, need to calm down.~ Its good that she was able to escape.

The ending for Kendra and Declan was so sweet. I was kind thinking that there will be a double wedding but I am not the author, I can only dream… (*^v^*)

For now, I will be reading Christine Warren’s Gargoyles series. I have the advance ARC of Her Fierce Warrior, but the publication date is around March 1st, I kinda miscalculated my reading speed. I also have the ARC of Gargoyles series the 4th book, with the same publication date, so once I finished with the first three books of Warren’s series, I would read Ms. Tyler book again…

Thank you for the series! They are worth waiting for!
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