Highland Spitfire (Highland Weddings #1)

Highland Spitfire
Highland Spitfire by Mary Wine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you NetGalley for the chance to read this book. Also for Sourcebooks Casablanca! You guys are the best!

This is actually the first book of her new series. So far, I like the opening book.

I have read Mary Wine’s books before. It would take time for me to fully pick up the phasing of her books. It is not because she is a bad writer. I just have this weirdness in me. But what can I say? I love how the characters in book grew. From Being enemies to being relatives by marriage. The first two chapters were a bit of a struggle for me. Especially the names. It was hard to read the guy’s name. Then again, most names during this era were really hard to read.

The main factor is the characters development. You can clearly see how Bhaic slowly develop feeling for her, and Ailis, she is a woman, her choice was taken for her, what would anyone expect? I was supersize on how the story turned out. It was beautiful and sweet.

I hope that Bhaic brother would be next!

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