Her Fierce Warrior (X-Ops, #4)

Her Fierce Warrior

Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would like to say thank you to SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for this chance to read one amazing series. If not for you guys, I would not read this series this year. Also, for Paige Tyler. She is just like her series…Amazing.

The action continuous as another hybrid was created by the doctors that we read on book one. If you follow the series, each Epilogue of book 1 to 3 was about Minka and how she suffers from the hand of the people wanting to make hybrids.

The start of the book gives us a very dark glimpse Angelo’s past. It was needed; trust me, the way it was put there made it really worth it. After wards, chapter one opens up of what happened to Minka, after she escaped on book 3, and from that point on, things started to be good. From the killing, to the rescue. Even the fight back to the States was really nice. We are given a character that never had a chance to be in a big city and a man who has seen too much out of life. The combination of those two people made a very interesting lines and some very romantic moments. I will not dwell on that part, because you really need to read it. After all, each of us have different reading preferences and understanding.

The level of action? It was the right amount. Even at the end of the book, it was such a fitting ending. After all, they deserved it.

Then again…the questions are: When people are bitten by the hybrids do they really got infected? What will happen to David? ~ I can’t remember which A-team member got bitten, pardon me.

Job well done!

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Unexpected Rush (Play-by-Play, #11)

Unexpected Rush



Unexpected Rush by Jaci Burton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Burton once again captivated us by her Play-by-Play novel.

As I write this review, I am still in the land between reading the last two chapters again and trying to decide what to read next.

It was a very simple story, and that really made it really good. I was hoping for more football action, but the amount of the plays and the main story really works for me. An overbearing brother, his best friend and the sister.

I love the way Barrett tries so hard not to notice Harmony; she in return, tries her best to be noticed. Well, she succeed good for her! There was no bad part for me, all the making of the book was put together. I was actually shouting ~not loudly~ for Flynn’s book also, Drake. They need one!

The lines. Oh the lines! they were the best! It kept me glued to my PC while having a class, because they were funny and have the right amount sensuality in them. You can truly felt the emotions of the characters as the story goes on.

The best line however would be on the last two chapters.

“I should have put you first, because you’ve been the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep at night.”

This is was the best! I had to read it TWICE! It was such a good line! Then again so was this one:

“Dammit, Barrett. I’m painting my wall.”
His lips curved. “I can see that. Do you need to finish it?”
“You don’t understand. It’s my way of getting over you.”
He looked over at the wall, then back at her, giving her a look of utter sympathy. “It’s a pretty awful color.”

If you read the book, you would understand why I was laughing.

The ending? It was one of those ending that will really make you loose your mind…I know I did, I nearly screamed! but i had to stop myself because I was reading it inside the office.

Again, the magic of Ms. Burton’s words have quelled my stressed mind. Her books would always light my day, each time I find myself lost in my TBR file. I have a list of authors who makes me feel like that, but I love reading her Play-by-Play series and after opening five books I was so happy that I read this book.

I will wait for Flynn’s and Drake’s. IF Drake will have one…then again, why not?

A five star rating for such a wonderful book and author!

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Stone Cold Lover (Gargoyles #2)

Stone Cold Lover





Stone Cold Lover by Christine Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Somehow the commonality of the people that can awaken a sleeping guardian lays on the power that they have.

So far, with Ella, she was really clueless when it comes to magic, but with Felicity, she was fully aware of the ability that she have…and the opening of the book was really explosive!

I was really laughing when i was reading this book. The thoughts of the heroine, was comical. It was so common for them to have thoughts that would include Harry Potter, given that they are dealing with magical being. Or, kinda magical beings. It was really entertaining.

Spar, on the other hand is again your typical Hero. Aside from being a gargoyle, he is one good fighter. Even the way he feels about Felicity some really something. I like to think that these magical being are true. They have this old world speech that blended well with the way the modern speech was being spoken.

As for Felicity having the hot and cold treatment. i can understand where she is coming from Fear is really is a motivator when it comes pain. There were so much pain when ever Felicity tried to push away people from her. The past would always be there, but it should never hinder what is in front of you.

The ending, and the death of one of her friends really made me cry. I can only take so much pain.

Over all, the way the personality and the narration of the book was really good. I look forward to reading the next book of the series.

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Heart of Stone (Gargoyles, #1)

Heart of Stone



Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The last time I read her book was three years ago. Yes, three long years. And it was book 8th of The Others series. Hungry Like a Wolf. It was one of my favorite book from her Other series. I love Logan, and when it was revealed that he had a thing for Missy, but she was into Graham, I cried a little. When that book was published I was so happy. It was the best way to for him to have his HEA.

As I write this review, I cannot help but think that series. It was one of my “To-Go” series if I got saturated with too much PNR. I love how the lines were delivered and the humor in them.

The Gargoyle series of hers was a series I was trying to avoid to read. Namely because during that time there was just book one. And since it will be an ongoing series, I had to stop myself from reading them. I was able to stumbled upon the 4th book on NetGalley. I requested it, and the approved. Hence, reading the series.

Heart of Stone, opens our world with a different side. Guardians; that looked like gargoyles; needs to wake up to save us from the Darkness. Cool, don’t you think so? I like how the opening of the book was directed. The humor of Ella was something. Even during the battle events, I can still feel her inserted humor.

I like Kees, though, I have to admit, that there are times that I want to smack his head. But what can I say? He lived in a different time period, and he does not even lived on the same plane as us. So, yeah, I can understand the big guy.

What really drew me to like the book was the realization of Kees. His feelings that he tried to stop, made the book frustrating at the same time endearing. The hot and cold treatment was working, that I would find myself flinching at his actions.

As I write this review, I am actually down to the fourth chapter of book two. I had to open another window to write this. As for its review? I might put it up on Monday. Provided that I have enough time to write it. But I will put it up.

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Her Wild Hero (X-Ops, #3)

Her Wild Hero

Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For the first time in forever, he wanted to put his fist through a wall.

~Yes that is not a sweet quote, but it kinda sums up what Declan was really feeling.

The first Declan was introduced in the series, he kinda stuck on my mind. He was so shy and he keeps on stuttering because he was talking to someone he like. For me it was kinds sweet and romantic! But when I read that he had tried asking Kendra, more times anyone could count, I was pissed at her. Then I read the rest of the books. Between book one and two, you can really blame her. She was just to focused on Clayne , he was her ideal man, after all.

By the time this book was plotted, Declan was trying so hard to really forget ‘bout Kendra. And as far as I can see, it’s not really working. Especially on what was happening during the training exercise.

I really wanted to be mad at Kendra, but her sweetness, and the way she handled herself during the crisis was extra ordinary for a pencil pusher ~ pardon me for the word. I was awed by her skill; she was like the ideal personality for me.

The book was filled with action. Given the situation they were put upon, it was a bit to brutal for them. The number of hybrids they had to kill, it was too much even for a seasoned fighter. It was really frustrating that they had to dispense a lot of ammo per hybrids, talk ‘bout to tough to kill. I was kind wondering if a head shot would work. But most of the action that kept on happening in the series was in close combat. Then again, I might have missed a scene.

The ending? I nearly cried, they were about to rape that poor girl, and she was doing her best to hold onto her courage. The brutality on how humans treat the things that they created was not lost on me. I wanted to tear those two scientist limb from limb. ~yup I am being violent, need to calm down.~ Its good that she was able to escape.

The ending for Kendra and Declan was so sweet. I was kind thinking that there will be a double wedding but I am not the author, I can only dream… (*^v^*)

For now, I will be reading Christine Warren’s Gargoyles series. I have the advance ARC of Her Fierce Warrior, but the publication date is around March 1st, I kinda miscalculated my reading speed. I also have the ARC of Gargoyles series the 4th book, with the same publication date, so once I finished with the first three books of Warren’s series, I would read Ms. Tyler book again…

Thank you for the series! They are worth waiting for!
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Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops #2)

Her Lone Wolf




Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before I gush about this book. I would like to say thank to Ms. Paige Tyler for following my Twitter account. I felt really good because one of the authors that I am currently reading follows me…As an amateur book reviewer, it feel really nice.

Okay, enough said!

When it comes to shifter romance, wolves got the best deal, because they only have one mate…and the connection they would always be beyond anyone’s comprehension.

That sentence is the best way to describe my feeling s when it comes to this book. As much as I like to hate Clayne, I can’t. He maybe an a**hole but there will always be a reason behind every actions and his was justified by the back flash during the whole story. The combination of the past happening and their present situation was a very good way to fully understand what really happen.

I love how each operative was paired. As far as book one, the way they were paired really complemented each other’s abilities. From their shortcomings to their greatest advantage. If this kind of teams really exist, then all i could say is very well done. As for the romance? LOVE IT!

Clayne, when I first read about him, I wanted to hit him at the back of his head. He was trying to ruin a very good friendship because he lost something and he was trying so hard to put his life back together. I know, from other’s POV that is not the case, but upon reading this book. I finally understand his action towards Landon and Ivy’s relationship. I cannot really blame him, was a bit clueless on the mating of a wolf, so he was actually missing his mate’s presence. In the end, I can still see his smile when he tentatively used the word “mate.”

“I’m special because I’m mated to him. There’s a difference. I doubt you’d understand, but there’s a bond between us, a bond that only exists between a wolf and his mate. And that bond means he always knows where I am, and I always know where he is.”

This was the best line for me. When Danica said these lines, you could clearly feel the love she have for Clayne. Being a shifter will never be an issue and that is the best kind of love.

Danica, in the other hand really tired to protect Clayne to the extent of hurting him, but sometimes, the greatest love needs a much greater sacrifice to fully bloom. And that is what she did. Other may not like what really happen, but when the A-hole that blackmailed Danica, ~I do not want to say his name~ did not do it, their relationship would not fully furnished.

All in all, the entire book was so well written. Even the simple spinets of the next book was there, it was really good. And finally!! Kendra will be sent to the Field! Well, not in the same sense as the rest of the DCO but still she is outside, that counts for something.

Once again, I have started reading Her Wild Hero as I wrapped up this review. I really love bears!

Thanks, Ms. Tyler!

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Her Perfect Mate (X-Ops #1)

Her Perfect Mate
Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first full book of the X-Op Series. This is also the first time that I read a book from this author.

My verdict?

Action packed, exciting, and sweetly romantic!

From the prologue to the epilogue of the book was written in a very nice way. The characters were so developed. I love how the each of them met Landon. Yes, Clayne is a ass, but well, he has his issues, and having read numerous books about shifter, I can understand where he is coming from. Even how Declan was introduce along with the rest of the shifter team was really good.

The attraction between Landon and Ivy was so explosive. Not the BOOM type, but more of the OH MAN type. As partners they are not allowed to have a relationship, then again, with them being attracted to one another, it is a different ball game. I was kinda anxious that it will go sour, but it did not. They way the lines were written, the thoughts of each of them was narrated you can feel the frustration but you can also feel the need to be with each other.

I fell in love with Landon, when he brought her coffee, and laugh when the blue strings was tossed. But the best part for me would be how he treated Ivy. The lines that he said was so sweet that I want to have a Landon for me. Alas, he is just a fictional person.

Ivy. now, this is one BA woman, and yet the softness of a heart is there. The contrast between the two was so well mixed. Being a woman doing a man’s job is not easy, but having shifter genes…man.

Over all, as the first book, we are given something to look forward to. Not just the how the over all plot but also the rest of the characters individual HEA.

As I write this review, I am on the 3rd chapter of the second book Her Lone Wolf. And My country was mentioned! ~Yes, I am from the Philippines. And yep, flights do get delayed…so..that is that.

Again, Ms. Tyler, Good work! Looking forward to read the rest of your books.

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