Heart of the Wolf Series Book 15, 16 & 17

Okay, so no, this is not box set they are individual books. I just combined all of them because each book is from a different wolf packs but they sure have connection to each other.

A Highland Wolf Christmas

(Heart of the Wolf #15)

Centers on the wolf pack in Scotland. Here we are encounter Guthrie MacNeill, the last mateless brother of the MacNeill pack. We are given Calla, a childhood friend of the four brothers. She was introduce on book 11 of the series. From what happened to her, she had been staying at the MacNeill land for protection against her former fiance.

As the story progress, it is revealed that Guthrie had always liked Calla, and he was mistaken that Calla was interested with one of the his bothers since they seemed close, But again, too much assumption will lead to a wrong impression. It’s a good thing that Calla was the one who actually liked Guthrie.

The problem the two of them needed to over come, is common when it comes to relationships. However, in this case, it came to be extreme in Calla’s case. At the end, the result was satisfactory. The bad guys died, when they had it coming, but then again, I wondered…would the wolf pack that was mentioned in this series..could one of them have a happy ending?

SEAL Wolf Hunting

(Heart of the Wolf #16)

In this series, we are once again, back to the US. This time, we are going to read a story about one of Hunter’s SEAL team. Paul. If you can recall from book 3 and 9, this particular wolf was a former SEAL, Paul was first introduce as someone who wears a button down shit that has pink flamingos printed on  them. What came as a surprise was he is the son of the pack leader in their hometown. Paul was raised by Allan’s mother, which, in a sense, makes brother not by blood but by heart.

In this book, we are given a glimpse on how Paul decided to be the leader of their pack. And how his mate and Allan’s mother handled the pack when they are not in attendance. The way they were thrown together was a bit extreme, but it did the job.

I love how Lori’s Grandmother manipulated the situation, it was heartfelt and the way how the problems were dealt was really good. Several problem arose in this book, but it was more like how would Paul resolved each of those problems.

In the end, everything was resolved.

A Silver Wolf Christmas

(Heart of the Wolf #17)

On the 17th book of the series, we are back to the Silver wolf pack. Here, Darien’s cousin found his mate…and the twist in this story just keeps on getting interesting.

I had reading this book. Namely because CJ was one of the youngest wolf cousin of Darien that came back to their fold after the incident with their father. If you are not aware of the reason, I suggest you read book 2 of the series.

Ghost. Who would have though that this scenario would be used in a PNR book. Nevertheless, it made the story a little interesting to read. Also, the way the stor came back to how CJ’s father got involved in the death of some was really something else. Even me, as a reader; I want to kill him over again.

Then again, we can never really tell if a person is good or not.

However, in this book. The out come was really good. Families are reunited and love is found.


As you can see, in Ms. Terry’s series, we are presented with different wolf packs. One in Scotland and at least five, not counting the Arctic wolves. She was able to inter twine each of the packs. How? That is for you to find out as a reader. There are parts wherein you want to give up reading the series, but I assure you, once conversation picks up, the story looks better.

As for now, I am currently reading the ARC of SEAL Wolf In Too Deep (Heart of the Wolf, #18) . It will be out on February 2. This story focuses on Paul’s second, and also a part of Hunter’s SEAL Team ~ Allan.





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