Smoldering Hunger: Part 3

In this part, doubts  sets in. Con being Con, trying so hard to protects the Kings, and Reapers, making talking about Rhi. Yes, they are part of the world, but they have their story line. Being a Myth in the world of the Fae, they need to be involve.

This is also where trust began to form. Then again, would the truth be accepted or not?

I love how Rhi, talks to Con. The bada** persona, it made more humane than Con at the moment. But we can never blame Con.  The Kings have suffered, they hurt, so he is only doing what he can.

Also, what is with the Reaper wanting to be seen?


Below, is one of the scene that i like best:

“I applaud Balladyn for having the balls to go after Rhi.”

“You know what’ll happen if they get together?” Cael asked in a voice filled with shock. “Rhi will turn Dark.”

“You don’t know that. None of us do. She could return him to a Light Fae.”

“If their love is true,” Cael pointed out.

That was the catch. True love. Some scoffed at the idea, but it was out there. Most humans settled for the first person that came into their lives that they could see themselves with. Others didn’t know true love was standing right before them and kept looking.


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