Growl by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur


I love reading PNR…and when Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press gave a chance to read this book, I was so happy. The publication date was January five . I was granted the permission to read it on the same day. Alas, I was currently reading another book so it took me three days to read this book.

However, once I read the book, it took me at least another three days to finished reading the book.  Between having too many class and reading between books and taking care of my baby girl I finally finished reading this.  

And what can I say… “Will there book succeeding books in line with those tittles or are they standalone?”

Here are my insights:  

Legal Wolf’s Mate was written in a very light manner. The batter between the hero and the heroine was really hilarious and hot that I cannot help but fan myself. I love how this was created. How Megan, fell of a lawyer, which was also a wolf. The opening was so funny that I cannot get it out of my head. The same applies to the rest of the secondary characters.  

In Feral Passions, this was a really good triad story. It was light and the intro was good. The main characters and the sub ones are really interesting that it made me think if this would a series or just a standalone, because I would want to know the Alpha’s mate. The description of the resort was really nice that I was literary able to visualize it. The way the werewolves interact with the people in this story was really nice too.

In The Alpha’s Woman, was a bit of a confusing part for me. The thought of the hero and the heroine was quite confusing throw in the past thoughts they had made my brain confuse on how the story was progressing. I like how the werewolves come to be, even the way the gods were involved in their creation. The personalities of all of the characters were really good. I hope that this would be an ongoing series because they are really intriguing. I just hope that the narration of the past thoughts would improve.  

All in all, the way the three stories were made in harmony. The light and funny story in Legal Wolf’s Mate, the series but eye opener in In Feral Passions, and the reality and love of In the Alpha’s Woman. Well written and well made.

A 4 star rating!


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