Quarterback Draw (Play-by-Play #9)

I remember when I first saw the Play-by-Play covers, they were hot! I was never really into sports, whether book categories or the actual game, but Jaci Burton changed that for me.

The equally hot cover also has one equally interesting story line. The way the series blurb was presented caught my attention: a family devoted to sports…and they have their very own sports bar to booth! I was hooked by the end of book one, and I was not able to stop myself from reading the rest of the series. Until I hit the last book last 2014…that was Straddling the Line, the 8th book of the series…That was two years ago…


When the 9th book of the series was released on February of 2015, I was not in the mood to read it. Why? I’ll be waiting for the next book which was going to be out by August, and I lost my vibe when it was out. So, I put it on hold for almost as year. I was actually going to read Quarterback Play, last 2015, but I got side tracked but the number of series I need to read.

When I felt like that another reading slump was upon me, I picked up this book form my numerous ebook on my SD card…And what can I say… (*high pitched squeal*).

Those are not exactly words but, you get the point. Picking up this book returned me to the world were sports jocks are loyal to those they love. Where sports, family and love are blended so well, it makes you wish these people are actually alive.

On the last book, Grant was introduce to us because of Trevor, being friends with a guy that plays baseball and football, her last book gave a glimpse of another  family just like the Riley’s.

Grant’s book was a really good start if you stopped reading her series from book 8. The style and the flow is easy enough that you won’t get lost on the comings and goings of the  people in the book. I love how he suitably insert himself to Katrina’s family. It’s like railroading in a very slow way. The end result was good, so what’s the dilemma?

Katrina. Coming from her POV there is a fear on commitment. With her past, I was surprise that she leap. She tried her best, but love is one powerful tool.

The highlight for me, would be Katrina’s brother and sister. They were the one that gave the book enough character for it not to focus too much on the love story of Grant and Katrina. It give a glimpse of reality on how some families are taken care of.

I really, Really like this book. As I write this review, I am currently reading All Wound Up. It’s Trucker story. And I assure you as a series junkie, this series is worth waiting for!

My rating:  5 star.


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