Smoldering Hunger (Dark Kings, #8)

I love this particular series. Mainly because it has a combination of my favorite  book plots. Scottish and dragons.

I was waiting for NetGalley to have this…but I was not able to request it. As is, I was shocked when I read my  email and some one from St. Martin’s press permitted me  to read it. I would like to say thank you for giving me a chance to read one of my favorite series.



Excitement, trepidation and doubts, were the first set of emotion I read upon receiving the widget of this book. As a follower of this series, i was excited that one of the new awoken Kings will have another shot of happiness.  Then again, when is the road easy for any of them? And as I read the book, I was right.

I like Darius, loyal and…okay, that is all I can think of. He is loyal, but when I found out what he did for Rhi’s King, I wanted to punch him. However, you can read the remorse he felt when he delivered the news. It was awful and I do agree with the rest of the Kings reaction to clobber that particular King. I have an idea..but still…

Sophie on the other hand  was a really great trooper. A natural healer and her bravery is nicely put. For those who read the book I know that you have another notion of her, that’s yours…This is how I see her thru my eyes. Yes, she is justified on how she got her revenge, ~ I liked how she did it.~ but it doesn’t mean she enjoyed it. The walls she erected around her heart, that I can understand. Been there; done that. But as you read, her world started to shift. Her walls starts to collapse.  And as that happens, you can see her willingness, her acceptance of the things she though as myth and her courage to leap.

In the end, it was worth it.

For the other characters that we love, I cried  on the last part. Cael, the leader of the Reapers mentioned “True Love” but I wasn’t  expecting to happen in the ending. I really cried. I only wish he would not revert back to his old ways.

I can’t wait for Smoke and Fire. The 9th book of the Dark Kings series. But before that, there is Dark Alpha’s Embrace; the 2nd book of the Reapers world. I would like to see how the fare.

My rating for this book?

Five star!


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