Dreaming of the Wolf (Heart of the Wolf, #8)


Finally! I finished reading the 8th book of the Heart of the Wolf series by Terry Spear! Yes, it took me 8 days to read it, not because I did not like it, but i was reading another series together with it.

I used a desktop to read this series and a Kindle app for Setta Jay’s. No, its not hard for me to red two or three books at the same time, its more on how you remember the last scene you read…


I love Jake, especially now that he was able to have his own mate. Yes, he photographs flowers, but if I can really see his works, I would think of him as a gay. But Ms. Spear was able to convey his personality as an Alpha Male. And boy he was. Regardless of his hobby, I would never think the he can have such a feminine hobby, yet still be manly.

As for Alice, she was totally opposite of what Jake does for a living. A bounty hunter! Who would have thought? And she was a good one too.

The main plot and love story was really good. I love how the dream mating do its magic. And I also love how the previous people for the other book come into play. Now I am excited to read Tom’s book…

In the end, every thing was beautifully piece together. All the questions of Alice were answered and…nope, not going there. You need to read the book as to why…but let me tell you…Tom Silver’s book will be full of kids!

As for the rating…I gave 4 stars.


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