When Boredom Strikes V1

One of the hardest thing when you are a series junkie, is when you come to a point that you are bored reading a series that you are currently reading..

You get to a point where, you ask your self, is there more? And then you stare at a distance, thinking of the number of book in that series. You sigh, then close your eyes, then you look for another book to read. Hopefully it will alleviate  your perturbed mind  with the series you are trying to read.

There are several series in my TBR pile that falls in this type of struggles. No, I am not going to name those series, that would be unfair, but if you are observant enough, you would be able to identify them.

It’s not like i don’t like them, it’s just that the amount of enthusiasm I feel when I read  those book are not the same. So in order for me to boost it up, i need to read at least two or three books. Hence, there are times when my currently books consist of five books. For some it hard to read five books at the same time, but for me, its a normal occurrence that  its easy for me to navigate between them.

As for now,  I am struggling with the current series I am reading…but it will not stop me from enjoying it together with another series. It is just a matter of mind over boredom…


Till next time!


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